My Private Jessica is…
an ordinary melodic plays-fulfilled by powerpop beats, core patterns, with piano fx, growl, and female-vox dominated.

Who is My Private Jessica?
Oscar Oyi playing keyboard and vocal .
Pendik playing guitars and back.voc .
Bege playing drums.
Denny playing bass .
Why should be My Private Jessica ?
because My Private Jessica ( MPJ ) is an art melodic band which will gives a youngster cheers above the stage, great spirits of punk, and other thing that you have never seen before. It is worth while to make your audience pay their attention to your party and MPJ will make they a part of the party.

What the different?
A lot of different, a metal sound under freaky post-punk, many colours of spirits melodic, a piano above your punk’s gigs, boys with their female-voice and growl, an enhanced beats, but the most to known is MPJs plays their punk with attitude and courtesy. If you ever heard street-x so it will drugs and alcohol free, guaranteed.

What are the bombs is?
these are you may ever heard on your local scene:
Salt Of Sugar,Falling Lunar , I GUESS THIS CALLED LOVE , and many more

They act and sounds like…
Act like how ought to punks on stage, young and move on, sounds like never before it actually-but to be able to conceived, they have plenty influence:  Panic! At The Disco, Angels and Airwaves, Four Year Strong, From First to Last, Fall Out Boy. nothing exactly, actually nothing.

So it will be…
so just come on! bring them to your party and MPJ and the Jessicas will surely being ready to blow it away, punked!
+628 5646 777


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