Formed in may 10th 2011. Now the formation is Jimmy (vocals), Anggik (Bass), Innot (Guitar), Dion (Guitar), Vhan (Drums), their genre is Technical Metalcore / Hardcore. We were born in the town malang, we actually make the band on a whim with the metalcore genre. There are many who support us to move forward more and we end up in manager Ayiph Goodbye Dio. At that time we were confused to give a n
ame for our band and jimmy finally found a suitable name for us FASIK. The name of FASIK has a philosophy, it is about the human that have a religion but they never worship. Our first event at the time was Hello everybody. First we perfom quite nervous but we did not expect was the audience to support us and since then we finally perform Giggs in many poor urban and other urban luyar. Three months later we Ayiph manager resigned because of disagreements with one of our personnel and we finally decided it did not use the manager first. In March one of our friends are Dimas offers FASIK manager and we all agree. Perform the long run we are flooded and many who like the FASIK, and after that in the month of April 2012 we began our first single release is Patricide the song is about the revenge to this father, because his father want to kill his son, but his son still alive and he take a revenge to this father and take the life of his father in cold blood.. The longer and more people are familiar with FASIK and a lot of fans with us. And we really thank you for the CREWBANGER MANAGEMENT friend of our friend the band My Last Revenge, Forced Marriage and Fatal Tragedy. And we are very grateful for that support FASIK
Jimmy : Vocal
Innot : Guitar
Dion : Guitar
Anggik : Bass
Vhan : Drum

August burns red, Texas in july, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gideon, Terror, Madball, Your Demise, Dream Theater, Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Bleed From Within, The Crimson Armada, Rise Of The Northstar


Ipan (08970352697)
Dimer (Manager)
085791440031 pin bb 28045DB8


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