In mid-2007, was born the idea from RIO (bass) to make a hardcore band. Initially, we just covered songs of hardcore band who became our favorite, it is One King Down. But over time, we were tired and wanted to play music seriously with a firm understanding. Until the end of 2007, precisely December 22, 2007 we named this band with Hail of Fire. Initially, the members of HOF are AJHAL (vocals), PONGKI (vocals), OSA (drums), Riski (guitar), KAPE (guitar) and RIO (bass). After several months, OSA out of Hail Of Fire, followed by PONGKI and KAPE, until remaining 3 people. Herewe have a variety of replacement drummers, starting from the BOGI and JIMBON. Mid-year 2008, added by INDRA (drums) we started the first show at the University of Brawijaya. And the three of us agreed to include INDRA as HOF's drummer .
For 1 year with INDRA and show appearances everywhere, we decided to add a personnel namely RIZAL (guitar). At the same time, we are always exposed to a variety of problems until it INDRA out because of differences in commitment. We were desperate and did not want to continue this band, but with the spirit of our hardcore began to rise from adversity. Aang (SCREAMSICK99), Iksan (DNH) help HOF as drummer HOF, they were not long time too. For now, there is Bagus, Antok, Bayu in HOF.
About music, we don’t care what the people said about our music, we just played it, we love it, and we were happy about our songs. We do not want to classify, Our band is newskul or modern or oldskul band. We Don’t Care! The important think that we play hardcore music. THAT’S IT! But if you want to classify, it’s up to you!
For the song, for while we only have two songs. For some songs, we have not had time to record. Because we have own flurry. The first track "Speak The Truth" , the world became dark because so many lies, causing distrust, it might be improved but when and from where, which can bring the spirit and hard struggl., The second track "Friend or Family" how we in the scene, there's always the word family and brotherhood in the scene, now we have friends in one scene, we think of we just
friends or family?
Azhalia : Vocal
Bagus : Guitar
Antok : Guitar
Rio : Bass
Bayu : Drum

One King Down , 25 TA Life, Hoods, Death Before Dishonor, etc

Ajhal 08563501015

Hail Of Fire - Family Or Friend

Hail Of Fire - Fight and Never Retreat

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