When this band began, nothing special except our similiarity of minds that bored of this fuckin’ formal routine. It was begin at the middle of 2010 when ongky (vocalist) met rad (bassist) and shareing their minds. There was nothing to be talked except music. Then somethign appeared in our minds, its our desire to make a music, the music of freedom. Music ? yes, a band.
Then we started to find another personnel. But, we can just found two people that have the ame hobbies in our kind of music. They are eko (drummer), idang (guitar), and sandy(guitar). Then we started to bang our music. Then we decided togive GERAM as our band name. Time passed by, and we knew that we were interested in THRAS METAL. But then, conflict appeared. It was the conflict of identity. It was kinda stopping our journey. But we won’t give up. We can still thrashing, its our freedom. But one of our best friends, sandy couldnt go on with us because some reason. Then we made our new world with our available formation. Ongky (vocal), idang(guitar), rad(bassist), eko(drummer). And our new fuckin name THRASHKID.
So, we can conclude that we are a bunch of youth that needs to enjoy and escape from our formal routine, and have a deducation to our music especially thrash metal but still in norm and social value. Our suggestion are, keep learning and be success people and give happines to the world. Keep thrashin’ !!
Ongky (Vocal)
Radya (Bass)
Idang (Guitar)
Eko (Drum)

Slayer, Kreator, Seringai, Municipal Waste

Thrash Metal
08814919410 | Pin BB : 32168155

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